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Mason County

MASON COUNTY GOVERNMENT Mason County Government was established by an act of the Illinois Legislature in 1841. The purpose of this unit of  government is to fulfill statutory requirements of county government in accordance with state and federal law and  the Illinois Constitution. The county's elected governing body is the county board which is composed of two districts  of four members each. The county board, along with elected and appointed county officers, provides a variety of  services authorized under Illinois law for the public safety and convenience including law enforcement, emergency  services, the criminal and civil court systems, public health, real estate tax assessment and collection, election  administration, land records, local highway systems, land use regulation, vital records maintenance, and licensure  and regulatory authority. The county government operates from five primary sites, the locations of which are posted  below. The county employs approximately 62 full-time and 89 part-time employees and for fiscal year 2022 has  appropriated an operating budget of $11,683,972. The diagram below sets forth the functional subdivisions of the  county government.  ACCESS TO PUBLIC RECORDS   Illinois Freedom of Information Act 5 ILCS 140/1   It is the policy of the County of Mason that information and public records will be conveniently available to members of the public pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Most public records of the county are available for inspection or copying upon request and the payment of any statutory fee. In some instances, the requesting party may be requested to complete a Freedom of Information Request form to detail the nature of the request. Each department of the county maintains a list of all types or categories of records available within that office. Public records which are stored by means of electronic data processing will be made available in a form comprehensible to persons lacking knowledge of computer language or printout format. Copies of all notices of denial of access to public records are available for inspection in the Office of the County Clerk. Requests for public records may be directed to the officers listed on this notice. INFORMATION REGARDING COUNTY EMPLOYEES WHOSE TOTAL COMPENSATION EXCEEDS $75,000 AND $150,000 IS POSTED AND MAY BE VIEWED AT THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK, 100 N. BROADWAY, HAVANA, IL, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY FROM 8:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.